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12/15 - HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1


12/15 - HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1

HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1

-Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10)
-Kindle eReader
-Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft
-Sprint Zone update
-Latest Telenav
-Latest Visual Voicemail Application
-Latest Sprint TV application
-SWYPE keyboard
-Scan Now Widget for 4G

Important Notes:
The new software version is: 3.70.651.1
Access the HTC EVO Maintenance Release Blog here for install instructions

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I agree that for the most part Sprint has been prompt with EVO updates.  That does not excuse them from forcing programs on us that we neither need or want.  I haven't  found one thing about this update that has made my phone any better. Its true that now swype is available but I don't use it and if I wanted it I would rather download it from the market.  The beauty of android is that we can customize are phone the way WE want them to be.  Sprint needs to allow us to choose what goes on our phones besides the OS.  Rick


The only issue I have after the update is with the Sirius XM Radio App.  It works over WIFI but not 3G or 4G.


People, people. Everyone is complaining about the bloatware and the swype app. That is so not such a big deal. honestly who cares about swype, its garbage anyway.  The real issue is the fact that there is a group of apps that no longer work after this update. Most being apps that stream music and nothing is being done about this. So sprint gave us some stuff we dont want. Android is open and we should be able to do and add what we want ok, fine, you made a point. But come on thats miniscule when comparing to the fact that alot of people who have sirius/xm, or other apps that stream music can NO LONGER listen to music on their phone unless they are on wi-fi. Now thats messed up and something needs to be done. This issue has yet to be officially addressed by either spring or HTC which are the ones really who are at fault here. More HTC than anyone, they are the ones who created the update sprint simply allowed it to be sent out and of course had a word as to what was in the update. but ultimately HTC is the one who engineered it. I called HTC, and to my surprise they actually called me back to my cell phone, TWICE! both times the guy said we are working on it, and he wanted more information as to what the problem was. No one ever calls back after complaining about something and they actually called me back. So atleast they know, and maybe something is being done, maybe nothing is being done all we can do is hope. the more people call the more "on it" they will get. So call away people. Here is the number 866-449-8358. Send all your complaints to them. create a support ticket.


I for one am ok with the update.

I gained better 3G performance and the 4G seems more stable then before.

I think the new Kernel and radios helped me a lot.

I also checked with SystemPanel and i have about 100 megs of memory free after the update and installing my old aps. Yes i did a hard reset after update and only restored MMS, SMS, call logs. The rest of the stuff i set up from scratch.

I think people who are complaining just dont get it.

Most people who have complained have not done all they can do, hard reset. Learn your device. Its not an idiot phone aka iPhone.

Learn to back up and restore, learn to customize your device, learn to embrance updates and bigger and better things.

I could care less about the Nova game, Blockbuster so i dont use them. Also if you really dont like it root it and remove it or get a rom with out it.

Thank You HTC and Sprint for bringing my 3G up to where it should be with this update. Thank you Sprint and HTC for also providing an update and treating us like a red headed EPIC child.


You people continually cluttering this forum with your rants about bloatware and "this is my phone" need to give it a rest.  You've ruined this forum with clutter to the point that people that might have legitimate issues are lost between garbage posts.  You've also guaranteed that Sprint reps, if they were reading this to identify problems, have surely gone on to other things rather than wade through the garbage.

Let's get something straight here.  When you guys come in here and rant about "bloatware that *WE* don't need or want" you are overstepping.  It may be bloatware that *YOU* don't need or want, but you speak for no one but yourself.  And the maybe 100 people that have posted here speak for no one but themselves.

I may like, am OK with or am indifferent to Sprint's inclusive of software in this update.  Knock your arrogance down a little and stop pretending like you speak for Sprint's entire customer base regarding what people "need or want."  You don't.

You people forget that, while there may be 100's of people posting here, there are millions of customers that aren't posting here.  Those millions are going about their holiday, showing off their phones to their relatives, enjoying their Android phone.  THEY are who Sprint is and should be concerned with - the masses.  Not the fringe complainers.

READ your contracts people.  If you think that the contract you agreed to doesn't allow Sprint to customize the firmware and software on the phone then you are nuts.


Wow, the fanboy's are out today in full force today defending a crapdate released by sprint. I find it funny that just because the fanboy's aren't having a problem with a crapdate that broke several 'subscription' applications they assume those of us that have a problem with it are 'Arrogant' and 'Just don't get it'. We get it, sprint released a busted update that decreased the quality of the EVO experience for many EVO users. I pay for 2 Evo's each month and I can say without a doubt that this update adversely affected an evo that was running the swype beta and one that wasn't running the swype beta. For a FYI I have hard reset both devices and I uninstalled the swype beta before installing the crapdate that sprint released. Rest assured that the sprint customer support response has been poor also. When I called sprint customer service their ingenious solution was to "uninstall 3rd party apps'. Well that would be a dandy solution if they gave us the option to uninstall 3rd party apps that they crapped up our phone with but the rep was referring to the '3rd party' apps that I have been using for months such as Rhapsody and Sirius. IMO that's the definition of a crappy customer service response, a crappy job on the part of the quality assurance team that did the pre-release software testing, and crappy job for the developers who developed this crapdate.


Here come the fanboys. Maybe you're ok with the bloatware and apps not working (Sirius for one), or the horrible battery life. (After the update my battery life is horrible), I'm not, nor is anyone I know with an EVO (me, my wife, and at least 4 friends all have EVO's and we've all been complaining about this update - except for 2 of the friends that didn't update due to the problems). Trying to pretend that a minority of users is upset about this update is just silly.

Suggesting that a hard reset is somehow normal is nuts. Yes, I'm going to be forced to hard reset now to hopefully make my phone usable again, but if Sprint is trying to go "mainstream" with the EVO, forcing users into a hard reset situation isn't how to do it. Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention that because of the extra bloatware, MY apps couldn't update the other day because of lack of space. I had to move a bunch over to SD card to get things working again.

Go defend Sprint all you want. This update was crap, no matter what you say.


For one, This wasn't a "Maintenance" release or an "Update" as it did nothing but add apps a lot of owners didn't want or need. Masking it as such was just plain wrong. When I have to remove some of the apps I want/use in order to install those forced on me is out of line, It is my phone not Sprint's. Voicing about it on a Sprint owned/moderated site is what this site is about, In the future when they try something like this it should be an optional download. How are they to know if we don't tell them we are dissatisfied with how this went down?


To turn on Swype go to "Language & Keyboard" under text settings you'll see Swype listed, touch that and go to the Tutorial, click on it. It will say Swype is not and and ask you to turn it on. It will turn on back out of the preferences and restart the phone Swype should be active on restart.

If you have the beta version installed uninstall the beta installer and Swype app. Then follow the steps above and your Swype will be back.

BLOATWARE problem with this update.

I think the way to handle this is to boycott the companies that pay Sprint to install this crap on your property.

So write to Amazon and Gameloft and tell them you won't be using there products any more in protest to there bloatware. Sprint should know better. Especially if the iphone is coming to more carriers Apple doesn't allow bloatware.

All of these apps can be freely installed if I wanted them, personally I think you should be able to uninstall any app on the phone that isn't necassery for it to run.


Hey Levi4u to quote you "This wasn't a "Maintenance" release or an "Update" as it did nothing but add apps a lot of owners didn't want or need. Masking it as such was just plain wrong"

You might want to get your facts straight. Yes this was a Maintenance release and an Update.

It updated the PRI, CDMA Radio, WiMax Radio and updated the Kernel to a new one, oh also updated the HBOOT. Those are core components that were updated. It fixed an issue i was having with CDMA.

Next time do some research before you reply to a posting.

Also, you can opt out of any updates that you feel un-necessary. Had you dont the research you would have seen that this was going to add software you didnt want and could have made a decision. This wasnt forced on you.

Did you happen to be an iPhone user? Just curious. OK yeah that was sarcasm but really i am glad this update came out. I was having problems with 3G where i live and since the update my device is working better now.

I am sure Blockbuster paid to have the app installed on it. But also realize it was on the Verizon Droid X because it too had an HDMI output.

Some people might want the apps that were given to us in the update. I am on the fence when it comes to making that decision.

I can root my phone and go with many other options out there. Or i can be like another posted and ask that Sprint not add this stuff. Or i can simply not use the update.

More details here about the Update..


So lets say you use your phone for business. Showing it off to family and friends is not on your list of entertainment priorities.

You dont want or need "Games and "Blockbuster" on your phone.

Never mind its already got "Nascar" on it.  At what point does the device become unusable from lack of memory from these pushed apps?

Its sad but more people will be rooting their phones because of the "Uninstallable Bloatware" thats being thown on our phones.

Are you OK with Blockbuster having access to your GPS Location ?

I looked through my contract and it does not say squat about losing my rights to what applications are pushed on MY phone.

At this point this device is a computer. My portable business computer. Thats why I bought it. How would you feel if you owned a business

and had several of these phones with your salespeople and a Pushed update caused you lost productivity ? At what point does Sprint and HTC

become liable ? 

Love your comment about the masses.  Saddly not all of us are Sheeple ?

Last time I looked I pay a premium for this service. Lots of competition in the Smart Phone marketplace right now.

If Sprint wants to sell expensive smartphones they need to satisfy those of us that depend on it for business.

I guess if I use it like an adult and dont play with it like a kid and show it off I am a fringe complainer.  LOL.


I hope there is an update to fix the last update. I do not need or want these apps that are forced on us. They are takeing the very little internal storeage the EVO has. Kindle was already avaliable on the market for the people who wanted it before the update. It's a shame rooting is currently the only way to uninstall this bloatware.

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