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12/15 - HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1


12/15 - HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1

HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 3.70.651.1

-Blockbuster (including WM DRM 10)
-Kindle eReader
-Preloaded try/buy video game: NOVA from Gameloft
-Sprint Zone update
-Latest Telenav
-Latest Visual Voicemail Application
-Latest Sprint TV application
-SWYPE keyboard
-Scan Now Widget for 4G

Important Notes:
The new software version is: 3.70.651.1
Access the HTC EVO Maintenance Release Blog here for install instructions

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In 2 days, it will mark the 4 month anniversary of this MR release and STILL no fix for it. I've heard it all from Sprint reps at stores to customer service via telephone.  Every time, I get a "the fix will be released soon". Can you imagine hearing that for 4 straight months yet your monthly service plan bill stays the same?  It seems that newer phones come quicker than actual updates for customers who bought phones (and are locked into a contract for 2 years). Come on Sprint. Think about your existing customers and their existing equipment for once. Stop pressuring us to use our "equipment discount" every 12 months. That's not a solution. That's a profit scheme.


Shortly after the update occurred on my EVO, my phone began randomly rebooting and continuing to reboot for about an hour.  This now happens about 2 times per day.  I went into the local Spring store yesterday and they recommended a factory reset.  I did this and it still happened.(While I was trying to set up my gmail and other first time use items).  I went in again and spoke to another rep.  Do you know what his suggestion was?  "If it were me, I would just deal with it"  This rep just lost sprint a longtime customer.  I finally got him to send another phone and he said that it will be a refurbished phone.  I told him that I purchased this one brand new less than one year ago and it should be comperable.  He told me that he went through 3 before he finally got one that would work for him.

Does Sprint really expect customers to endure this type of "service" out of loyalty?  I use a Sprint phone for work and have had nothing but issues with that and am now going to beg my employer to switch as well.

Good job Sprint on hiring qualiy people to represent your interest in Roseburg, Oregon.


To anyone who may be interested:

I won my Small Claims lawsuit against Sprint with regards to what this update did to the HTC EVO.

The wording of my lawsuit was:

"The value of a Sprint HTC EVO cell phone that during a maintenance update Sprint surreptitiously allowed to be downloaded bloatware (software bloat, crapware, craplets) without my knowledge and consent and which cannot be removed."

Sprint did not appear for the pre-trial hearing and therefore I obtained a default judgment and I recently received their check for $587.04 which was the value of the phone and the court filing costs.

I am no longer with Sprint and I am very happy with my new cellular carrier. I also expect Sprint to remove this post once they review it, but if anyone else is considering a similar lawsuit, I believe that you can be successful as I have set a precedent and my case is now a matter of public record.

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