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4G in Salt Lake City? NOW! (on my HTC EVO)


4G in Salt Lake City? NOW! (on my HTC EVO)

I heard rumors, and I have tried every day to connect to the 4G network.  YIPPEE!  Today it connected at my desk at work (barely hanging on with a "fair" connection).  First app to run:  Speed test:  3.188 MB/s download and 280 kb/s upload.  Not rosey on the upload, but hey, not too bad for a bad connection.

Next app to try out?

Google Earth.... okay, I'm impressed with the download speeds.  (Checking out the cracks in the runway at SFO airport - prob. 6" resolution), and checking out the high resolution flip streaming all across the US, not the typical blurry, low-res, wait until we get you better images downloads.)

Salt Lake City 4G has arrived!  (I'm in West Valley City at the moment, in a building notorious for bad cell phone connections.  I haven't tried an outside connection yet.)

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