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6/20 - HTC EVO Maintenance Release - Android 2.3 (4.24.651.1)


6/20 - HTC EVO Maintenance Release - Android 2.3 (4.24.651.1)

HTC Evo Maintenance Release - 4.24.651.1 Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)


- SMS are intermittently sent to wrong and seemingly random contact

- "Me" instead of "Yo" in SMS thread conversations when set to Spanish

- Unable to stream media thru some applications after updating to 3.70

- Email attachments are not displayed in the mail client

- Multiple Gmail accounts no longer sync after FroYo update

- Fix for battery discharge issue

- Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)

- Downloads management- The Downloads application gives the user easy access

   to any file downloaded from the browser, email,or another application

- Corrects voicemail notification issue (from 4.22.651.2)

- Corrects issue with hearing aid compatibility menu disappearing (from 4.22.651.2)

- Netflix compatibility (from 4.22.651.2)


Important Notes:

- The new software version is: 4.24.651.1

- This update should be applied to devices on 4.22.651.2 (Android 2.3 update) and 3.70.651.1 (Froyo)

  Devices on 4.22.651.2 will receive the following message when this update is available  “A system upgrade for 2.3 (Gingerbread)

  is available that provides minor software enhancements.  Please download and install the following update. System Upgrade 4.24.651.1 (25 MB)”

- Refer to the HTC EVO Maintenance Release blog for install instructions.  When manually trying to initiate the update, you may receive a message

  that no update is available.  Please be patient and check back later, or you may wait until the update is automatically sent to your device.

Update (6/22)

- Voice to text (voice search) and compass problems have been reported and are being investigated by Sprint and HTC.  Additional information will

  be posted when available.

- Voice to text alternative per community member darnatl:

At  a Sprint repair store, the tech  suggested I try Vlingo Virtual   Assistant app.  I did and although more  cumbersome to use, it does  work  with or without background noise.  It  works in situations where  Voice  Search use to work but no longer does.

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No problem, glad things are working right now. Send me a PM and let me know if things change and we'll go from there.




One thing I can honestly say is that I haven't had any problems with my phone since the 2.3 update (besides Netflix).  I never had any of the problems everyone else was having from the first one, and I haven't had any problems after the second one.  Maybe that's why my Bluetooth still works!?!


Compass still doesn't work on mine. Have to calibrate every single time I open it. It is less jumpy than before but unless I calibrate it every time it is WAY off.


I have had intermittent failure or the speech recognition twice since installing 4.22.651.2.  Not a huge problem, the first time I had to power down and power up to clear it.  The second time I closed the app using it and opened it again, and it worked.  No other issues.  Now I'm leary of installing the update, if it ever shows up...


YOU are laughable to even suggest that using voice to text is still unsafe!  Try texting at 80 mph on an interstate vs voice to text in the same situation!

Whether you like it or not, or whether it's legal or not, texting happens. I, for one was much happier that my loved ones were using voice to text if they were going to text at all.

Your suugestion that people pull over on the interstate or wait for a red light is what is laughable! Where do you live that that happens?????????????

Plus no blue tooth now, go figure.......... This update is a total downgrade, still not fixed AND if everything was as it was, we would not have this topic now on page 24 .

So, keep on stopping on the interstate to text.


First, I want to say thanks for the information, and I'm particularly glad that the Voice Search issues are being investigated. This was a major disappointment when this didn't work for me after the update. I have seen some mention of the Sense launcher crashes on exiting the apps, but that is not listed as being under investigation. I am experiencing this repeatedly and it's very bothersome. Please update on any information on this issue.


Since the update in the beginning of June the call log doesn't display how long you have spoken on the phone after a call has ended. It just shows during the call... This is a major problem that needs to be FIXED as soon as possible!


Hey everyone ok does no one else use Yahoo mail accounts? Please reply....Im a little confused as to why there are only 2 of us not being able to DL our emails.


After the 6/20 upgrade, I ended up having to do a factory reset because of a lot of apps not loading and the Market only showing me 3 apps under "My Apps" when there should have been 15 to 20.  Probably should have done the reset a long time ago, as now the phone is nice and clean!

Anyway, the problem that I have now is that Netflix keeps giving me the error "Streaming from Netflix is not supported with profiles.  Please sign is as the main account holder."  I have triple-checked and confirmed that I am logging in as the main account.  Searching through Netflix's site suggests that it's because I have an incompatible handset, but we all know this is wrong.  Just for fun, I did check all of the update options, then retried, and it didn't fix the issue.  I had downloaded the Netflix app from the Market, if that matters.

Has anyone had this issue that knows what I'm missing?

Sprint Employee

Hi nderdog, if you have 4.24.651.1 then you should expect netflix to work, you may want to contact netflix from the market they will be able to determine why you have been seeing the error.

No longer working Community Response.
Sprint Employee

Hello SAM0919, in the email app do you get new messages when you press menu>refresh? Do you see any error messages? do you have any alternate email apps downloaded?

No longer working Community Response.

I have a Ford Edge 2011 and with Froyo had no issues with the BT. Now with the upgrade it does not connect or if it does, it loses it within 10 minutes. Someone at the Ford Mytouch website posted they were able to sync and load all photos also (not previously available) with the new gingerbread update.

Someone also posted to disable the auto phonebook update...

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