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A friend asked me for help and . . .


A friend asked me for help and . . .


A friend asked me for advice on helping his Son with his Math.  I went to show him a site, but unfortunately I couldn't get the site working.   Actually, I'm not sure what went on as there weren't any error messages.  I simply got nothing, but a box showing up on my screen.  Nothing happened when I clicked on the box, no errors, no messages, nothing.

The website is:  I was trying to show him the tour, which is at:

While I don't need the site, for myself and he said he'd look at it later, I'd really like to know what's going on.  I thought our Internet support was support to functional as if we were on a laptop / desktop.

Can we report this website and get the powers that be (e.g. Sprint, Android, Google, whomever) to look at this website and get it working?

I know it works, as I've seen it working on MS-Windows and Apple Mac systems.  My other concern is if this site found a flaw / bug in the phone / Android 2.2, then other websites might also not work.  The next one could end up being something that really matters to me.

Anyway, any direction you can give me would be useful.

Thanks,  Bert Moshier

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: A friend asked me for help and . . .

The site referenced ( ) uses Shockwave Director to display the interactive content and demo.  No phone supports Shockwave Director.  I've even had problems getting Shockwave Director to run correctly on my Mac!

Unfortunately, there isn't a workaround for this for your phone.  That site is one that will not be visible on the phone.  Perhaps you can reach out to the creators of the site and ask them to update their site to be more compabitle with the growing number of handheld web-devices - Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablets and more.  None of them will be able to view the site.

Thanks for the post!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee
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