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Another Bluetooth Problem


Another Bluetooth Problem


This seems like a real weird one -

I have the phone paired with the car, 2009 Lincoln MKS, and often when I turn the car off and the bluetooth disconnects the music player turns on and is playing some pre-loaded song.  When I look at the screen the player is displayed even though the screen is locked.  I have to stop the player and when I swipe the icon to unlock the phone the player closes.

This just started this week. Actually it first happened on Wednesday 10/6.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what/why where do I look etc?



Edit: I'm now thinking it has something to do with Microsoft Sync??  Since the phone is paired with MS Sync and it CAN play MP3 songs from the phone that it thinks the music player is on when I start the car and after turning off the car and control is passed back to the phone that it starts the player???  I'll take a look and update.

I also did a Factory Reset on over the weekend thinking maybe something got out of sync (pardon the pun ), but when I got to work this morning and turned off the car the music player came on again!

Message was edited by: TKDJOE1 - Added edit for MS Sync

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