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Anyone else have an EVO freezing incident?


Re: Anyone else have an EVO freezing incident?

Four things that I've noticed cause my phone to reboot. 

1. Overworked processor

2. Memory shortage

3. Heat

4. Dead battery

We'll assume #4 isn't an issue. 

There are MANY MANY MANY apps from the market that love to run hidden in the background and eat up precious memory.  I suggest skimming over the reviews for the apps you have on your phone and see if there are complaints of any of them being memory hogs.  Get a couple of memory hogs running at the same time and next thing you know your phone cycles again.  try to stay clear of apps that run memory hogging processes in the background. 

Multitasking on your phone can cause an overworked processor which in turn causes heat buildup.  Just like any computer device the more a processor has to work the more power it requires.  The more power it draws the hotter it gets.  If your phone is rooted and the processor settings have been tampered with your phone may reset.  Be careful if you modify the clock speeds as it can cause permanent damage to your phone and I believe it voids your warranty.

last, but not least, is heat.  I've had my phone plugged into the charger while I jam out to music and surf the web and I notice it getting extremely hot.  This, again, is from multiple hi power processes being run simultaneously.  And, like with any computer, the device will shutdown once it gets too hot in order to prevent, or minimize, damage to the hardware. 

There are other reasons why your phone would reboot but those, at least that I have seen, are the most common.  In all honesty it is a process of elimination as to what is causing this issue for you.  Pay attention to what you are doing and what processes are running on your phone.  Note I said processes and not apps.  Apps may have multiple processes that run in the background that you are not aware of.  Each of them takes memory and works the processor.  Keep an eye on your phone and if all seems normal then you may just have a busted device on your hands.  Hope that helps.


Anyone else have an EVO freezing incident?

my phone did it a little while back while trying to multi task listening to music and sending someone a text. took it into a repair store and they did a FR on it and then did some testing. came back with no issues found. only problem with that is the internal memory is wiped clean with the FR. even though the app they put on the phone taxes the system i think that it might be more linked to having alot of apps on the phone AND taxing the system. i still had over half the internal memory unused but i still has other apps running in the background and pulling information. thats my theory anyways.

the freezing up screen now has more to do with the GB update than anything(mostly). GB is STILL for some reason attacking sense and either hitting us with the dreaded HTC splash screen or just freezing it. weird part is you can still pull down the notification bar and hit the apps-phone-add buttons..just nothing above or bellow those. then it usually just goes away

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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