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Battery Life so bad ... could be dangerous in an emergency!


Battery Life so bad ... could be dangerous in an emergency!

I loved my new EVOs (one for me, one for wife).  UNTIL YESTERDAY when we had severe weather that destroyed cars, trees, and electric lines throughout the area.  Trying to use an EVO in an emergency just doesn't work - it's not a phone to trust your life or safety.

The battery life is sooooo bad that I had to rent a small generator just to keep the phones charged so we could communicate with employees and customers (electricity out for 48 hours, landlines down).

So, it's a technical tour de force, but I miss my old Motorola clamshell that really gave me 8 hours of talk and days of standby.  The EVO lasts about 2-4 hours, even with Task Killer shutting down almost everything.

I certainly won't take it skiing out-of-bounds this winter - I'll probably buy a cheap prepaid for safety.  Getting stuck in a tough situation with this phone is scary.


Re: Battery Life so bad ... could be dangerous in an emergency!

Wow thats scary


Re: Battery Life so bad ... could be dangerous in an emergency!

Ummm.  Kind of extreme.  You could buy extra batteries for your phones and keep them charged... or here's a tip.  Get yourself a deep cycle battery and a kit that connects to the battery by clamps on one end but provides a car power plug (aka cigarette lighter adapter) on the other end and also get a car charger for your phoneand a battery charger. Keep the battery in your garage and keep it charged (vent when charging, the charger instructions will tell u why).  In case of emergency the car battery should last you a couple days at least to power/charge phones from.

Deep cycle batteries are rated to discharge far lower than regular batteries (aka starting batteries like a car).  A typical phone charger will pull 1-3 amps.  Get yourself a 200 RC battery which will provde 200 minutes of power @ 25 amps while still keeping the voltage above 10.5. Given this math, 200 RC pulling only 1amp= 83 hours of charging your phone.  at 3 amps = 27 hours.  That's ~100 bucks for a batter, ~25 bucks for a charger and ~15 bucks for the adapter.  ~140 bucks to keep your phones charged during multiple days of power outage.  Cheaper than generators and fuel by far.  And NO NOISE.  Get yourself a double adapter and charge 2 phones at once.

Just a suggestion...

Also, turn off your connections on the phone.  If I turn off 4g, wifi, bluetooth and mobile network, after 8 hours on standy i still have 95% battery.

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Re: Battery Life so bad ... could be dangerous in an emergency!

Your basic Moto flip phone had a CPU running at 8mhz.  Your Evo is running at 1000 mhz.  Your flip had a 1" display showing 8 colors.  Your Evo has the biggest LCD on a phone today.

A neat tool I've used:  MintyBoost.

If you don't want to build one, Duracell has the same product at major retailers for $29 and up.

Also - turn off radios you aren't using - 4G, WiFi, Bluetooth.  Set your sync rate down to 1/hr.  And check SeidoOnline for their 3500mah battery.


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