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Battery Power


Battery Power

What stuff can I uninstall or disable to help with Battery Power & how do I do it ?  I do not use like Sprint TV or Nascar etc or the Stock stuff.  I would like to just uninstall stuff I do not use if I coulld.  Is it possible ?  I thought the Weather stuff was cool but the updating sucks so I changed it & am now used to not using the Weather thing so that can be uninstalled as well.  So my question is how do I uninstall pre installed programs that I do not use ? & is there anything else that I can do to help with the Battery Power ?

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Re: Battery Power

You cannot uninstall preinstalled apps.

Go to Menu > Settings > Accounts and Sync and uncheck stuff you do not need syncing. Delete widgets off the desktop that you do not use. Stop syncing email unless you really need to constantly update it as you can just go into the Email or GMail app and refresh. Go to Menu > Settings > Application > Running Services and kill any apps you do not use (but do not kill those you need or do not recognize). If not in a 4G area or not using 4G, turn it off. Same with WiFi.

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