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Best Buy


Best Buy

Is there an advantage or disadvantage to upgrading my phone and plan at a Best Buy store?  I want the Evo 4G phone and none of the Spring stores or Sprint online have it.  Thanks for your help!

Sprint Product Ambassador

Re: Best Buy

No difference for you really -- you'll get the same plan and pricing at Best Buy that you'd get at Sprint.  Best Buy sometimes will convert the mail in rebate to an instant rebate, saving you that hassle.

If you can get the phone, go for it!


Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

Re: Best Buy

Best Buy is the way to go instant rebates no hassle. Bought my last two phones.

Got my EVO there, even though there web site showed they were out of stock walked in to the

store and snatched the last one they had. Good luck.        

Re: Best Buy

Great question.  Simply put, there is one MAJOR advantage of getting your phones at Best Buy...and that is you do NOT have to deal with any mail-in rebates.  All of the rebates available for the phones are INSTANT.  Sprint, however, will NOT offer you instant rebates, and instead forces you to try to somehow get those mail-in rebates (good luck).

However, there is one disadvantage.  Getting your phone at Best Buy will still require you to pay an activation fee.  However, getting the same phone from will waive that annoying (and, in my book, totally bogus) $36 activation fee.

So, there is an advantage and disadvantage depending on where you get your phone from.  Just something to think about.


Re: Best Buy

I purchased my evo at a best buy and I must say there is one more advantage...

The best buy black tie insurance plan

Its only 10$ a month covers everything except lost and stolen phones..

They repair your phone, if unrepairable they will replace it with a new one not refurbished.

There is no limit to how many time you can claim it, where sprint has a limit of two

There is no deductible which Sprint charges $100.00 for the EVO...

They offer you a loan phone if you have to wait for repairs.

They even repair water damage which if you are a former Iphone user such as myself you know that water voided your warrenty with ATT...

*I am in no way affliated or working for best buy, simply a satisfied customer since I have had to use my black tie protection for my laptop and was able to pick out a brand new one from the line up.

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