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Beware of the new HTC EVO 4G new software update


Beware of the new HTC EVO 4G new software update

I did the new s/w update on my HTC EVO 4G phone at the end of June.  A day later my phone started opening up screens that I never touched than wouldn't allow me to make calls.  I took it into the Sprint store and the diagnosis was that the new s/w update for the phone fried my touch screen.  Sprint replaced I am good.  Sprint said that they have seen this several times.  My concern is that the network keeps on asking me to update my phone and the Sprint store says don't update.  I don't want to get behind on the s/w updates but I don't want my phone to become inoperable again....what do I do?


Re: Beware of the new HTC EVO 4G new software update

I have seen posts of others saying their touch screen goes crazy after the update.  It doesn't seem to be really common, only a few here or there.  I'd say go with the update and if it does it again, have sprint refresh it.  After all it's their update that's doing it.  Keep doing it til you get one that works!  A pain, but why should you miss out on them recommending you not install something they push to you?


Re: Beware of the new HTC EVO 4G new software update

Getting every update is a mindset we've gotten from Microsoft as they're constantly swatting security bugs.

The new EVO update... bricked some phones (including mine).

It also had some other problems (screen sensitivity, camera not working, lower Wifi speed.... there are more.)

It also did some good things: Seemed to fix the grounding problem, exchange server enhancements, improved battery life.

I didn't have the grounding problem, don't use Exchange, and have no problem with battery life ( I don't turn on Network unless I want to use it).

Therefore, I have unchecked Scheduled Check under HTC Software Updates.

Froyo sounds exciting.... and Flash would be nice...... but I'll wait and see what the tradeoffs are.

Meanwhile: I have an awesome phone that does more than I could ever imagine it could do.

Unless there is a specific problem that you want fixed.... if it  ain't broke, don't fix it.


Re: Beware of the new HTC EVO 4G new software update

I GOT BOLD YESTERDAY AND UPDATED AGAIN, ON A SECOND REPLACEMENT AFTER THE LAST UPDATE MADE MY SCREEN UNUSABLE. IT DIDNT FRY ME THIS TIME. It however does seem to lag a bit on the webpage rendering, but other than that, it has been freindly up to present time and day. I got tired of fearing an update and went ahead. I would HIGHLY SUGGEST to have a sttrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrong wifi connection, or 4G, when downloading it, and NOT to force reboots, or push any buttons while it is being installed, and afterwards, let it alone for 30 minutes to adjust to the network.

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