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Bloatware Complaints


Bloatware Complaints

Wouldn't it make sense to post these opinions to the  reviews/user ratings areas of public sites like Cnet, Amazon, Best Buy,  Consumer Reports, etc?  As a warning to people considering the purchase  of an Evo, or a switch to Sprint.  It seems that might be more of a  threat to their wallet than stoking the outrage of people who have  already given Sprint their money, and signed into a contract.

I agree with all the complaints about the bloatware forced on us with this new update.  We should have been allowed the option to decline any third party apps that are pushed with the updates, and there's no way any representative of any of the companies involved can make a reasonable argument that forcing us to take apps is good for the customer.

However, I've only really seen the outrage expressed here, on the Sprint Community site.  That does notify Sprint of our anger, but otherwise, it's kinda preaching to the choir.  People reading this forum are already Sprint customers, at least I think so because the site requires me to log in every single time I want to read posts here.

By the way, I do love Swype, and I already had Kindle.  But Blockbuster blows, and I'm furious it's there. 


Re: Bloatware Complaints

What if you rooted your phone and removed the applications?  I see many folks, including Sprint employees, making claims that a rooted phone is not covered under warranty.  However, I have found no evidence to support that assertion.  On the other hand, consider the following:

From the Shop tab, click Phones.  Under Optimus, click About Plans for This Phone.

Important information about this device's open architecture
This device is an "open" device. What that means is that you are free to use it to access the Internet as you see fit. You may go to websites you like and you may download or use applications or software that you choose. Please take care to visit the websites of and download applications from trusted entities. Sprint has no control over websites you visit or applications and software you download and Sprint's policies do not apply to those websites or applications. The websites you visit may place "cookies" or other files on your device when you visit them. Downloaded applications may access, use or share information on your device, like your contacts or your location. In most instances, Sprint is not able to help you troubleshoot issues that arise in connection with your use of non-Sprint applications (such as the ones you may select and download to your device). Sprint also will not be able to provide you credits for applications or software that you download from sources other than Sprint. Sprint is not liable for the websites you visit or anything you download or cause to be downloaded to your device. Damage related to websites visited or downloads to your device may not be covered by Sprint's Service and Repair policy or your device insurance policy.

In other words, you can download a program like z4root and run it without voiding the warranty.  Z4root works for the Optimus, I think the program is Unrevoked for the Evo.  However, if you mess up your phone, it's not up to Sprint to fix it, regardless of root access.  Thus, it appears that if your camera fails on your rooted phone (not due to something you did), your phone is still covered under warranty.  So, you would be technically allowed to remove "bloatware" as long as you don't break your phone doing so.

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