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Calendar missing some "all day events" from "other" shared calendars?


Calendar missing some "all day events" from "other" shared calendars?

Is anyone else seeing this issue?  I have a shared calendar listed in the "other" section of my google calendars. It is supposed to be visible on my calendars on my phone (ie box is checked next to this calendar in settings).  Until middle of last week, these events were showing up in my calendar on my phone, but they are no longer showing up.  This particular calendar only has "all day" events on Wednesdays.

Is anyone else seeing a similar behavior on any of their shared calendars?  Have you found a work around?  I don't know what has changed, I imagine it is a server side issue with Google, they change their stuff pretty frequently.  I have checked the settings in google calendars on my phone and in the desktop and can't seem to find anything that would lend me any more information.  I have also tried all the reboot phone, uncheck, then check calendars, etc.

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