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Call detail log discrepency


Call detail log discrepency

I am the administrator of my account and have three phones -- one phone of the three that I view online "Sprint PCS detailed usage"  phone minutes (anytime minutes shared, any mobile anytime, and night & weekend) are be different than the actual detailed phone log.  When I add up my minutes that are listed with the phone numbers they don't match up with the "detailed usage" minutes with the detailed usage minutes being greater. 

I've heard there is a code that can be used to block listing the numbers that are called out or received in.  I would really like to get this resolved please, if anyone can tell me anything???  "CHAT" told me they didn't have access to my account details and the so-called experts spoke such broken english I hung up in less than 30 seconds....


I will private message you - reply to it and I will call you.


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