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Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing


Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

Hello,  This happens randomly. Sometimes calls to my phone will go directly to voicemail without my phone even ring. I have my phone on and sit next to me at all times. Luckily, I can hear the voicemail notification and notice that someone just called. However, my phone never did ring. What would be the cause of this problem?  I called Sprint and he told me to turn off the phone, take out the battery and put it back. But it's ridiculous that I have to go through all those to fix this simple problem. I have a case for my EVO and it's hard to take it off and put it back.

I searched on line and someone said it could be my phone didn't have a good signal at the time of calling, that's why it went to voicemail direclty. I do live in a rural area and sometimes signal is not that strong.

Any comments/suggestions would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

I think that very well could be the case.  Sometimes phones report that they are in range of a tower, but the signal may not be strong enough to hold a voice call.  It may just be strong enough to recieve voicemail and text notifications.

You may want to check the contact in your contacts list to make sure you don't have the person routed directly to voicemail.


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

Thank you for your reply. I am sure the contact did not set to route to voicemail directly (and I did check and it wasn't) because we call each other often and as I said it only happens randomly. I still able to hear the ring when he calls lately.


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

Hi - That going straight to voice mail thing... that's not a bug, nor is it due to lack of signal. That is what we in the IT world refer to as an "undocumented feature". I live in a 3-6 bar zone and it's happened on all four (or is it five) of the EVO's I've had. Sometimes I don't even get the v/m that gets left. Oh well... I STILL love my EVO, now that I've got Assurion paid off that is. If you want REAL tech support on a consistent basis, pony up the $100. Sprint has some cs/ts people that are very good, but it's hit or miss. Get the deductible paid and you can get it right, first time. I like Sprint service, love the EVO but I think it's simply a training issue - they put people in those seats before they are ready. And HTC is no better. IMHO, that is.  - Sharon


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

I agree what you said about Tech help. My friend's EVO has a problem with the voice mail box setting. He wanted the standard greeting instead of the self-recorded one. Last week we were near a Sprint store so we thought maybe we will go in and see if they can set it up for him since there is NO option for standard greeting in our EVOs, even Sprint help desk kept saying there is one. Anyway, we went inside, talk to a counter/tech help, she didn't know how to do it, and she called their on-line tech help. She came back saying there's no way to set up a standard greeting since the option is not in our phones. I told her that there is a way to set it up because I did that to my EVO myself (after playing with it with all the settings). She said sorry, they can't help any further. So we went home, and I played around with his phone's voice mail box setting and finally got it changed to the standard greeting and everything works as how he wants it to be.

I am sure there are very good and competent tech helps out there, you just have to get them at the right time. Also a suggestion, whoever wants to call Tech help on the phone, if you call in the afternoon, you'll mostly get someone in USA who can better help you. If you call in the morning, you'll probably get someone in the Philipines or Mexico, which most of the time, offer little or no help.


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

Hi this is Jack, the voicemail product manager; here is some info on the greetings:

The Visual Voicemail platform has 3 main options for greetings.

1.       You can have the platform read your phone number  “913-555-1234 is not available, please leave a message”  (this is what is played when no recorded name or no active greeting)

2.       You can have the platform play your name   “John Smith is not available, please leave a message”  (this is what is played when there is no active greeting, but you have recorded your name)

3.       Or you can record a custom greeting.

If you are trying to get back to the top option, you have to delete the recording of your name, and the active greeting.

To delete the name (if its already recorded),

Dial into voicemail platform

Press * to get to main menu
Press 4 for personal options.
Press 4 to modify your personal preferences.
Press 3 to Access your recorded name
Press 3 to Delete your name.

To delete the active greeting

Dial yourself, or press and hold 1 to access the voicemail.  Select

Press * to get to Main Menu
Press 3 Change Greeting,
Press 7  Delete Greeting

For future visual voicemail support, you can go here.

I hope this helps, and thanks for using Sprint.

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Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing


We found an easy fix to this. Just delete the contact name of the person who is trying to unsuccessfully call you.

Then have the person try to call you again. If it goes through, save the new contact information.

Not sure why, maybe the old contact informations settings changed or it got corrupt, but whatever the reason it worked.

When we called Sprint, they had us take out/reinsert the old battery, change roaming options (I have no idea why), checked the line, etc.

It seems to be that the problem lies within the settings for the contact who is trying to call you.

Hope that helps.     


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

Hi Lizzyland,

Thank you for your post. I moved my phone to another location, which I can get better receptions. So for, I haven't gotten many calls go to voicemail directly anymore. As far as the Contacts go, the calls were not only from those in my contacts, they were from anyone that called me. But thank you for your suggestion though.

As far as Sprint Tech help, I'm sorry to say they are really not much of help about almost any issues. All they really can say is: turn off your phone, take out the batery, unplug your phones, etc. I think they are reading scripts that were handed to them without research for the solutions.


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

I didn't see anyone suggest this, but there is an app called Slydial that lets you bypass the ring on someone's phone and go directly to thier voicemail.

However, I also have instances where the phone does not ring and a voicemail comes through and that seems to be when I am roaming.


Re: Calls go to Voicemail directly without ringing

If I understood you right, your service is not that great where you live. I had the same problem, I would look at my phone and had full bars, if I moved not even an inch away, I had no service. That is not your phones fault, just call the costumer service and tell them that you have no reception in your house or around your house, and ask them for the Aiwave, they should give it to you free of charge and without a monthly fee, but you have to have internet conection in your house, DSL or CABLE, since you have to connect it to your modem. That will actually act just like a SPRINT tower inside your house, you will have full bars, so better voice service, and better 3G data. I'm more then sure that you wont have the same problem again.

I hope this helps you .

I come here trying to help people and not because I'm employed from Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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