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Displaying Company Name vs. Person


Displaying Company Name vs. Person

How can I get the Evo to use a contacts company name as the primary displayed name such as under "People" as I have both personal contacts and business contacts. Ideally it would be nice if you can specifically choose what the display name will be for each and every contact.


I assume this would work the same on the EVO as on my Moment.  Contacts are sorted first name, last name.  You could, for example, use the first name field for the company name, such as "Sprint", and put the person's name in the last name field either as "Smith, John" or "John Smith".  Contacts would then sort all of the "Sprint" contacts together, then alphabetically by whatever you put into the last name field.  The search function will still find a contact by the individual's name.  This obviously requires some set up time, but allows you to specify the display name for each and every contact, as you requested.  You could probably use a colon, hyphen, or other punctuation mark after the company name to clarify the display.

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