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EVO 4G Interactive Flash Demo: Features,Setup,Tips


EVO 4G Interactive Flash Demo: Features,Setup,Tips

If you've not seen it yet, Radio Shack has posted a fairly detailed "Experience Now" Demo and Setup of 4G in Flash (sorry if you have an iPhone and can't view flash like you'll be able to on an Evo).

Good info for those of us waiting for June 4. It's great to get a better feel for the functions of the phone. Seems like the camera has a lot more settings than I am used to on the phone.

You can click next during the demos -- or you can click on the red highlighted function on the simulated EVO screen. Here's the four sections and their topics:

* Test Drive
Overview, software, hardware, 4G, Camera, Social Networking, Web, Email, WiFi, TV

* Setup & Go
First Use, Making PHone call, Visual Voicemail, POP/IMAP setup, Add social networking

* Help and How To
Add Widgets, Connect to WIFI, Install Applications, driving directions, Blue Tooth, screen lock/unlock pattern, WIFI Router setup, share a video, switch scenes, uninstall applications

* Watch Video
NOTE: There are scroll bars on some of the section menus -- if you use the scroll bar you'll see the rest of the interactive demos.

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