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EVO 4G WiFi Connection Range


EVO 4G WiFi Connection Range

Sprint is known for having great data plans and services.  For example, the Sprint Overdrive 3g/4g is awesome.  I am told that the Overdrive has an approximate connection range of 150 feet.

Although I am anxiously awaiting the release of the EVO that can be a mobile wifi hotspot, I could really use a device like the Overdrive today.  But... If the connection range of the EVO 4G is within, say, 20 feet, I would be willing to wait to buy the EVO 4G.

So, my question to anyone that has the information, is what is the Wi-Fi connection range of the HTC EVO 4G?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

A long time Sprint Customer.

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Re: EVO 4G WiFi Connection Range

The limited specs I have seen so far does not mention the Wi-Fi range.

I am waiting for this so I can cancel the dsl in my house.



Re: EVO 4G WiFi Connection Range

WiFi range of Evo doesn't seem to be quoted anywhere.  You'll be fine at 20' for line of sight and probably much further. Typical WiFi is about 150' indoors and greater outdoors.  In the case of the Sprint Overdrive, it has a short range and long range setting to reduce signal strength and battery usage, and to minimize any generated interference (from Overdrive manual).

Personally I find the idea of tethering a great sales promotion but in reality only a use of last resort (but alas, I've never tried it) or for special situations/occasions.  Surely your device will be heavily taxed (battery and processor). If you dare try to use it for internet at home, you'll certainly be powering your Evo off the wall charger.

How many things can you do really well or want to do at once with one device?  I think having a useful Evo and using it for a home internet connection sort of defeats the point of the Evo in the first place. Save a few bucks, but a pain in the rear, unless of course you're a poor college student?


Re: EVO 4G WiFi Connection Range

The WiFi signal indicator is showing low signal strength in  relation to the router proximity. I know that Sprint and HTC are aware of  these reports and  investigating the root cause. We will update this  posting once we have more detail.

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