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EVO 4G terrible battery life and hot phone after charging


EVO 4G terrible battery life and hot phone after charging

Hi all,

I've been getting really terrible battery life from my EVO 4G which I purchased in January.  The stock battery was barely getting me through half a day with moderate usage and the phone got really hot a couple times when I charged it.  I figured my battery had a problem, so I purchased 2 replacement 1900mah batteries and they seem to be doing the same thing, so I assume this is not a battery issue.  I try to kill apps running in the background with ATK. 

Is this a defective phone or just the nature of the beast with the EVO?  I have the latest firmware, and I saw on both releases a mention of a fix for the battery discharge issue, but I have seen no difference. 



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EVO 4G terrible battery life and hot phone after charging

Hello, I would say the Evo is a bit of a power hog unless curbed, usually I suggest turn off unused features like 4g, Wifi, GPS, and bluetooth. Install Juice defender, avoid task killers, if you use pop/imap email accounts consider setting them to never autosync, they will poll for messages when you enter the inbox. when finished with an app use the back arrow to exit the app instead of house button to suspend. apart from that take into consideration that while the phone is in use it will consume more power causing heat, and this goes double while charging.


EVO 4G terrible battery life and hot phone after charging

RC's advice is pretty standard, I'm sure you've figured that all out by now.

Go to this document and try the reboot procedure at the bottom.  After the update, I had issues like you had.  That last update was simply terrible and I can't wait for Sprint to fix all the bugs.  I did find that this reboot procedure helped with the over heating when charging.  Its the worst when trying to use navigation while charging.....epic fail.  You will lose all your information on your phone (not your SD card).  good luck.


EVO 4G terrible battery life and hot phone after charging

the battery is going to heat up no matter what you do really while charging. just watch out if youre using it WHILE charging. some things wont really affect it that much. others will. if you notice the LED light blinking amber and green then youre phone is over heating. unplug it for a little bit(removing the back battery panel for a little while helps cool it faster) and then plug it back in.


never did run into the overheat while using navigation and charging. i did however just run into the lost internal memory issue though. like out of nowhere. yay factory reset..still trying to set up my damn phone lol

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