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EVO - Email (read/unread) - incorrectly shown


EVO - Email (read/unread) - incorrectly shown


        I use my EVO to connect to my hotmail acct, and to another Email server (pop3/smtp).

I primarily use my desktop/laptop to access these Emails - but occasionally check for Emails on my EVO (manual sync)

Problem 1: Using either outlook or the browser on my desktop, I check my hotmail, and mark all messages as read. Later in the day, if I check my hotmail on EVO (using the stock Email application), it pulls all Emails in (since last sync) as unread. I now have to go thru' these EMails and mark them as read. Is there any way to get the EVO to pull correct read/unread status of Emails?

Problem 2: For my pop3/smtp Email acct, I have set it to "not delete emails from server" on the EVO. This way, I can check my Emails on my desktop later on. On my desktop, I have set it so that it deletes the Emails from the server after download. If I download Emails on my EVO first, and then download on the desktop, as expected, I can get the Email on the desktop and then, it automatically deletes from the server. But when I sync my EVO to this pop3/smtp server the next time, that Email doesn't get deleted - it stays there on EVO. (If the Email had a large attachment that I didn't download originally on the EVO, then I cannot download the attachment - because it is not there on the server)

For both these issues, I guess the question is - Is there a way to have my EVO reflect what the server (hotmail or pop3/smtp) currently has?


Edit: forgot to mention - I used a Touch Pro2 earlier (windows mobile) and it didn't exhibit this behavior - it always reflected the current status of the Email on the server - the way I prefer

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EVO - Email (read/unread) - incorrectly shown

Any suggestions?

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