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EVO Mirroring


EVO Mirroring

What do I need to do in order to hook my phone up to the television because right now evry time I hook it up there is a screen saying no signal. I  have no clue what to do next please help!!!!


Re: EVO Mirroring

Im having the same problem and cant seem to find an answer. Some people say theirs just worked from day one. Maybe its the TV?


Re: EVO Mirroring

Unfortunately, for most applications you will not have access to true HDMI Mirroring on the Evo 4G.  It was able to do it before the Gingerbread update..but now it is not.  When I say mirroring, I mean showing the screen of the phone on your TV.  You may be able to get the picture gallery and any videos you have taken to play...but it will not do HDMI mirroring without a major firmware modification which can void your there is no Sprint supported method to mirror your phone's screen onto your TV through the HDMI port.


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