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EVO Problems : Screen Separation Defect


EVO Problems : Screen Separation Defect

I just wanted to add my voice to the crowd and say that I also have this issue. And it is getting worse every day. Holding the phone upright, with the function buttons on the bottom, this has been my experience.

Days 1-3

Small light leakage begins to appear beneath home button.

Days 4-6

Light leakage can now be seen beneath all buttons.

Days 7-10

-Light leakage beneath the home button is visible even when inside my office, all other buttons have minor light leakage.

-Bottom left of the device is starting to stick up noticeably.

Days 11-13

Sides of the device are starting to bulge. Though the major issue is that I see a piece of lint from my pocket stuck in the separation of the glass and the plastic bezel. It is already too deep to try and pluck with tweezers. I watch over the next several days as the lint sinks deeper into the separation. This only allows more room for dirt to accumulate there.

Day 14

As it stands;

-Light leaks majorly from the bottom of the device beneath the buttons.

-Light minor leaks from the sides of the device.

-Dirt and grime are accumulating in the sides of my device. Slipping beneath to end up where? (My fear is that it will appear over the screen at some point)


I love almost everything about the EVO, but this defect is a deal breaker. Because when will this separation stop? I mean, in a months time I can only see the flaw getting much much worse.

I would also love to purchase this phone for my wife, but will be holding off until this major defect (yes, not minor but major) gets fixed.

I will be taking this device back to the Best Buy either for a reactivation of my old phone until the defect is fixed.


Jared Folkins


there's already a thread for that... come on it's on the first page:

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