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EVO freezes


EVO freezes

Is anyone having problems with their EVO freezing and when you try to send a text it says error? I love my EVO except for all that.


EVO freezes

Do you have a large number of saved text messages?  I have never had this problem but had a friend with over 3000 text messages saved and they got the message occasionally.  How often does this happen - 1 out of 5 texts    or is it 1 out of 2    or every time you send a message.  Does it also do it when you send a new message or just when you reply?

Others can chime in if they are seeing this problem and I will monitor your post.


Hope this helps,


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EVO freezes

Thanks I will try that and see!


EVO freezes

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EVO freezes

to be honest the only time i have had my phone freeze up was while trying to delete a large amount of texts (upward of a 1000).

to l.gilliland88- how many texts all together are on your phone? reason im asking is if you have alot of them on top of say your email and so on youre taking up alot of space on your phone. might try freeing all that up by deleting it and then trying it again. my phone never froze up but it did slow way down due to having alot of messages text and mail on my phone. its worth a try

good luck

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