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EVO re-boot


EVO re-boot

Phone re-booting everytime I'm in sprint nav or maps app in nav mode when I answer a call. I have about 30 seconds after I answer a call to either end the call, exit the Nav Application,  or the phone re-boots. This happens before and after the latest software update. Any one have any suggestions. It appears to be a software glich to me.

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Re: EVO re-boot

Step1, Call sprint and get your msl code(unlock code)

Step 2, launch phone dialer and press "##GPSCLRX#"

Step 3, input code sprint gave you (phone will reboot in 20 seconds)

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Re: EVO re-boot

Just so you know, using the GPSCLRX code will permanently and   non-fixable remove the ability to use network assisted location based   applications.  There's more to it but I'm not a phone tech.  One of our   phone and device wizards clued me into this after reading this thread  --  his specific quote was "LBS User Plane IP and Port are perminantly   removed from the device".  Y'all can figure out what that means if you   want.

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