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Error Code 34- Texts will not send - Please Help


Error Code 34- Texts will not send - Please Help

I am getting error codes every time I try to send a text messsage. A message will pop up that says the text is undeliverable and then I will get an error code of 34. Then whoever I am sending the text to will receive the text 20 times. I am using an air rave in my home. I mentioned this because someone told me that the air rave could be the source of the problem. Please, can someone help me with this issue? It has been going on for months and it is driving me crazy. We pay for an unlimited family package which is not cheap, so I should be able to send texts at the least. If I can't figure out how to fix this problem, I may be forced to break my contract.


Error Code 34- Texts will not send - Please Help

theingrams99, This is a known issue with the airave, and sprint is currently working on a fix for the issue. Some times the issue can be corrected or minimized by resetting your airave to do so using a paperclip (or something equivalent) press the reset botton on the back of the airave for 15 secs wait 1 hr to for airave to get connected to network and try again. let me know if this corrects your issue.

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