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Evo 4G - Camera/Scanning causes reboot, dead battery?


Evo 4G - Camera/Scanning causes reboot, dead battery?

When I try to take a photo, especially with flash, my phone powers off. It seems to just die, not displaying the usual "powering down" sequence. The same happens if I try to use Shopkick or any other barcode or QR scanning app. The phone is then immediately drained of all battery, to the point where it doesn't have enough power to turn back on, so it displays the 4G animation and then shuts off again.

I am running Android 2.3.5 and have only used apps from the Play store. Any thoughts? I tried all the phone's system update options and they're all up to date.


Re: Evo 4G - Camera/Scanning causes reboot, dead battery?

Marissagg, What software version are you running on the phone?  I'm talking about the Sprint version, not the Android.  We pushed a fix for a similar issue with the version 3.30.651.3 but if it's still happening, they advise backing up all data and doing a factory reset. If you've already done that, it's probably best to visit a service and repair facility to see if they can assist. - Christy

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Re: Evo 4G - Camera/Scanning causes reboot, dead battery?

also have you attempted to clear the data and cache on the camera app itself in case its bugged up and causing this? also keep in mind that unless you purchased a new battery for it recently this phone is REALLY old..the battery itself could also be on its last leg.

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