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Evo Attracted Customers in the Apple Store


Evo Attracted Customers in the Apple Store

So I walked into an Apple store over the weekend and picked up an iPhone 4.

A few observations: great screen, feels as heavy as the Evo, and when you turn off WiFi, slow as heck on AT&T.

But it got really interesting when I whipped out my Evo and did some side-by-side comparisons.

I picked the same YouTube HD video to watch on both phones.  Loaded in about the same time - but the picture quality and size was so much better on the Evo, that I slowly noticed being "surrounded" by not only other customers, but also an Apple store rep.  The entire group, including the Apple store rep were commenting on how much better the video looked on the Evo.

I guess proof is in the pudding.  Now I am completely sure I picked the right phone.

And by the way, 15 minutes of use on the iPhone drained its battery by 10% and only by 4% on the Evo.

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