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Evo Multitasking Question(s)


Evo Multitasking Question(s)

I've been a very happy Sprint customer for over 5 years (came over from Cingular/AT&T) and became a Hero user shortly after it was introduced.  After keeping an eye on things for a while on the Evo, I made the plunge and since my contract wasn't up, I made the plunge to the tune of $450.00 and then some...

I love the phone but there are some things that I just assumed would be the same as the Hero that so far are not:

1) I can't get the Google Calendar to display the same way that I did on the Hero

-On the Hero, I could go to options-->View--> and select the daily view to be different types.  On the Evo, I don't have any options and I get messages the say I have to have Dolphin used... So when Dolphin is loaded, I don' t have the same options to select from and the view for the calendar.

2) I can't open up Google Calendar while I'm on a call - This is a BIG DEAL to me !

3) I'm getting pretty serious quantizing or blocking with the video recording regardless of where it's played back

4) All of my Google Docs have horrible resolution and unusable viewability as compared to the same files on the Hero

These documents include word, excel and pdf...I know that GDoc auto converts but again, I'm comparing the Evo to the Hero and there's a "Black/White" difference between the way these same files are displayed.

Are there some general settings that I just haven't corrected to solve these issues?

Are there other programs, widgets or tools that I need to either download or remove?

I know that I've run into some other things that I'm not remembering right now but I'm really wondering on these.

Again, I love this phone and am blown away by it' speed, especially at home with my Fios connection, but when on the road, I really need to use these tools and I was guaranteed that this phone is like the Hero on ways that's true but in these very impacting ways, it's less than the Hero.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions --


Re: Evo Multitasking Question(s)

As far as the first question, I can not help you because I have no idea what you are actually looking for, maybe if your sync your G-calendar with the phone one, it might help.

2) I did use calendar while on the call with no problem (again the one that is preloaded on the phone)

3) if I understood it right, one option you can do is to get on the market some video players (example: FLV player), they are free, and they will help you play any type of video file.

4) I have opened Word, pdf, and excel files directly from my Gmail, and never had any issue with the quality of the file displayed. again in the market they have an office program that will help you with that if that is the problem (as I said, I just use the Google viewer).

I hope I was some sort of help, I wished I could told you to go to a Sprint Store for more, but I don't think they know more then we do (I have been there 4 times, twice with the EVO, once with a Palm Pre, and once with HTC touch pro and they had no clue how to use any of those phones)

Well... Good Luck

I come here trying to help people and I'm NOT employed by Sprint, so If my reply helped you or if you get an answer to your question from other users, PLEASE mark it as solved.
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