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Evo Screen Seperation


Evo Screen Seperation

Some buyers of the new EVO 4G handset from HTC are reporting that the device may have some screen issues. A few users on Android Forums are reporting that the screen is separating from the handset near the bottom.

Apparently, the issue first surfaces as light leakage around the buttons. On closer inspection, a few users noticed that the screen near the bottom left corner is raised more than the screen on the top of the phone.

Some have reported that pressing the screen near the buttons resolves the issue temporarily and others say tightening screws under the battery resolved the issue. There is no official word from HTC on the issue.

It was just this past week that we wrote up on some screen separation issues reported on by HTC EVO 4G users themselves. Turns out, HTC has been hovering right over the issue. Engadget is reporting that HTC has made some assembly changes, thereby repairing the issue on phones currently being assembled.

Of course, that doesn’t help the tens of thousands of users who already purchased the device, though the issue is seemingly so minor, it’s not even worth complaining about.

HTC intends to keep their eye on the issue, and will most certainly be looking out for consumer complaints, we reckon.


Re: Evo Screen Seperation


Re: Evo Screen Seperation

My screen was separating on the first day, I called the store to get a replacement. It took 4 or 5 days to get the replacement in because they wouldnt swap it out with a unit in stock and lose a sale! I waited for it to come in, the day it came in I pressed the corner of the screen and it cracked. The " little girl" that was promoted to assistant store manager( for reasons unknown ) who knew the screen was lifting denied the swap saying that she couldnt prove either way weather the screen failed or I broke it. It cost me $119.00 plus tax to get a new phone! This is BS!!! I have TEP on ALL of my lines  This phone is driving me nuts. My wifes keeps rebooting and the store just wants to keep resetting it. If you have not made the move to the EVO yet or are within your 30 days I would highly suggest returning it.

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