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Evo deleted text messages


Evo deleted text messages

My Evil, i mean Evo, phone deleted my ALL text messages again. I don't have delete old messgaes checked. Is there a place where the text messages are stored on the evo? is there a recycling bin to recover the messages? I absolutely hate this phone, it's been a pain since I got it in August. The screen constantly becomes unresponsive among other things.

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Re: Evo deleted text messages

I have an EVO as well but I love mine. You may want to take it to the Sprint repair center and have it tested. I was having some minor issues with mine and had it tested and they ordered me a new phone because there were software issues with my original one. Now I have no problems at all. Software issues are covered under warranty for 1 year if I remember right. Might be worth an hour to keep you from pulling your hair out just to take it in and get it tested! If you need help finding a repair center you can go to and click find a store then input the zip code and select repair center. I have had to use this a few times through the 12 years I have been with Sprint lol.

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Evo deleted text messages

Sorry to hear you are having any problems...there is not a recycling bin or deleted messages folder where they go if they are deleted...if the messages are not in the text thread any longer they are gone....If in settings the delete old messages are not checked like you said and it is deleting messages out on its own will need to get device into service and repair center


Evo deleted text messages

There is no way to get them back for now. For the future, you can get an app called "SMS Backup" and it allows you to have all of your text messages, phone calls and MMS messages sent to a gmail account. Then if you lose them, you can get them back if you use that app. Hope this helps for the future...

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