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Evo - out of mail space?


Evo - out of mail space?

Seems like my issue started when my phone updated to 3.29.651.5 but I now get the follwoing error when using mail:

"Alert - there is not enough free space. Please delete some messages and try again."

Anyway, my phone is no where close to being out of space (total space 7.4gb, available space 5.79gb, internal phone storage available space 146mb).

Mail also occassionally Force Closes which it never did.

While I generally get 100+ emails a day I don't keep very many on my phone. At this point I bet I only have 100 on the phone.

Anyway, I haven't seen anyone else bring this specific item up so I now have.

For the most part I don't have any other issues with the Evo (other than battery life) but this is really annoying because it also slows receipt of my e-mails.

Anyway, hope someone can help with this issue.



Hello John,

You may not have that many in your inbox, but check your sent messages and see how many are in that folder.  I've seen errors like this in other applications, not related to cell phones, and it was the sent messages taking all the space.

Just a thought.




Try this, Menu>Settings>Applications>Manage Applications>All>Mail>Clear Cache.

Also have you tried using a different email app? I prefer K9 Mail over the stock one.


assuming that you truly dont have thousands of emails on your phn, have you tried to delete the mail acct and readd it? hit menu while looking at the inbox, should be under accounts for "remove account." this only works for non gmail emails, or secondary gmail accounts. if this is happening with your primary gmail, your phone has to be wiped to remove THAT email account, as it intergrates itself into other parts of the phone. Sprint has an RTN process that you could ask for from Tech Support.


Well thanks for the ideas!

I tried clearing the cache and it didn't make a difference.

I did install K9 but I still wanted to figure out the issue with the stock mail app so I deleted my primary email account and then reinstalled it. So far so good. Of course it immediately downloaded 100+ emails that were still on my server but after weeding through them the stock Mail app seems to be functioning properly.

I guess I will see how long it continues and then if it happens again start relying on K9 exclusively.

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