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Facebook Synchronization Problems (Help/Suggestions?)


Facebook Synchronization Problems (Help/Suggestions?)

I am attempting to use the EVO as a business phone and I have a lot of Address Books.

My question: How do you make the display of numbers under "Phone" follow the same rules as "People" with regard to Facebook and Google Contacts?


A Story

I initially installed Facebook for HTC Sense and have tried several times to remove it afterwards.

My problem was in the "Phone" application which I (on the EVO's Sense UI) launch by pressing "Phone" at the bottom of the list.

I have average number of Facebook contacts (500+) and most of them I do not really want to see on my phone.

My Configuration:

- Facebook for HTC Sense (Sync)

- People > View > Disabled "Facebook"

- People > View > Enabled "Show Contacts with Numbers Only"

I have a Facebook Contact ("MR. BIG") who had entered his phone numbers as "???-???-????" (this string, without quotes) and uploaded an obnoxious photograph as his FB Icon.

After enabling "Facebook for HTC Sense" any Phone number that should have displayed as "(Unknown)" displayed as "MR. BIG" and included the obnoxious photograph. By "(Unknown)" I mean any number not currently in the phone's miriad address books or a new client perhaps

The phone continued to do this and it was not fixed by simply removing "Facebook for HTC Sense" synchronization and all related data -- all my calls looked like MR. BIG was making them and it was annoying.

I attempted a number of different fixes, including linking MR. BIG to a valid primary phone number instead of the ???-???-????.  However, under no configuration could I remove MR. BIG's icon and name from numbers that should have been displayed as "(Unknown)"

I removed all data and re-installed Facebook for HTC Sense but the problem remained.

I removed MR. BIG from my Facebook Friends and re-synchronized the Facebook for HTC Application.  Still saw the ???-???-???? number in Phone!

I removed MR. BIG from my Google Contact Book and performed a HTC Evo Factory Reset under "Settings > Privacy > Factory Reset"

And that, finally, made MR. BIG's icon vanish from my phone and numbers are once again "(Unknown)" until I add them to my Phone's address book...


Let me finish by saying that the EVO is my first Android Phone, so if my questions seem to be missing a simple solution it isn't ignorance by design -- just lack of exposure.

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