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For all of you upset, dissatisfyed or ripped-off by Sprint...


For all of you upset, dissatisfyed or ripped-off by Sprint...

Hi - I see where Verizon has announced their new Thunderbolt 4G phone. Why don't you all just pick up your toys and go home. I, for one see no value or utility in going over the same old excrement again and again. Yes, Sprint adds $10 a month to our bills because they choose to and we agreed to it. No, 4G is not available everywhere. Yes, some tech support people need better training. No, we won't be the first to get any new releases. Yes, complaining makes you feel better. No, Sprint isn't going to to anything about it. Yes, the battery life is poor. Yes, Sprint is still less costly than the rest. Yes, the new updates have problems (ever heard of Microsoft's Update Tursday? How many updates this time? 79? 127?). No, life is not fair.   If you really can't accept the reality of Sprint and it's business model, Verizon now has the Thunderbolt, 4G LTE, which I'm sure is fully built out so none of their customers will have any problems at all. And all of their issues have been completely resolved. So, please, return to the Oh Wonderful Verizon and leave those of us who are happy with our EVO's in peace.  --  Sharon


Carolina temper is showing LOL

I am from NC originally so know this temper all to well!!!


Not everyone is upset. Like any business, Sprint's main focus seems to  be on luring new customers. And that's great. That's just how capitalism  works. But what about existing customers who have stuck with Sprint for  years (I've been with Sprint since 2001)? I get occasional calls from  Sprint wondering if I want to add a 'new' line or add a 'new' friend to  my account or to get a 'new' phone with a discount.  But rarely do I  even get some kind of call telling me that the phone and account I  already have has an update or a fix. I bought Sprint's first release of  the Samsung Instinct ---- the so-called "iPhone Killer" ---- in which  Sprint paid a lot of money to have commercials released at Century  cineplex movie theaters stating that it was the next best thing since  the iPhone.  That phone was a major bust and I was basically given the  runaround via Sprint's store reps (as well as 3 different replacement Instincts) for about 12  months............. just in time for a "NEW phone discount" (as long as you agree to a contract extension as well.... there's the fix). Either Sprint  gets their act together and realize that problem solving with issues of  an existing phone to their customers is NOT by buying a newer phone or  people will start to realize that maybe shelling out a few extra $$$ to  Verizon or AT&T is worth it. I have the best of both worlds. I have  an iPhone 4 with AT&T (work phone) and my existing EVO for personal  use (Sprint). Sprint's definition of a firmware update is this: Firmware Update = Buy New Phone in 12 Months With Discount.... Period.  Weighing out the pros and cons, you pay more with AT&T  but you get the latest and greatest stuff albeit equipment and  upgrades. With Sprint (to this day, still a little bit short on the  phone selection department), you get perks on the contractual side of  things with more features and less $$$ than the others. Pick your  poison.


I think you hit it with the comment about luring new customers.    This is a problem with many businesses these days; especially cellphone  and cable providers.  Makes no sense to me - every business course I've  seen says it costs many times more to get a new customer than to keep  existing customers from leaving.

I'm irritated by the $10/month "pizza fund" also - especially  since I just upgraded two more of our phones (we have 4).   But even  with that, our family shared plan is less expensive than AT&T or  Verizon.  And admittedly, my son is probably using a lot of bandwidth  ("look!  we can play movies!  wanna see this Youtube video?  I can watch  Hulu/Netflix/etc...") 

All the providers have problems ("they all suck, just in  different ways").  I personally dislike AT&T enough that it kept me  from buying an iPhone (although I almost gave in to buy an iPad - still  will if I start doing iPhone development...)

I've been luckier than most apparently - both customer and tech  support have been pretty good.  I'm generally satisfied with Sprint.  My  personal Sprint gripe is the ficticious bonus money towards an upgrade -  it's off the retail price, and the phone ends up being close to or the  same as the new-customer price and the add-a-line price.  I'd rather  they just stop the lie and say we can upgrade a phone at the  new-customer price.

When I'm King, things'll be different.

Until then, they are what they are.  The grass looks greener on the other side of the fence...

- Alan Weiner -

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