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Front-facing camera mirrored problem


Front-facing camera mirrored problem

Ever since the last update, My Evo 4g front-faing camera settings is missing its mirror-mode button. When I take a picture using the front-facing camera, it shows in the 5 second viewing that it was taken the way it showed, but when it goes to the photo album it flips the picture, making it look backwards. I don't know how to fix this.

I've tried:

Restarting phone

Restoring factor settings

Checking third party apps for mirror-mode setting (found no setting in PicsArt app)


Re: Front-facing camera mirrored problem


I looked into the "mirror-mode" issue. It appears that the removal of this feature was a residual effect of the software update. I will investigate the issue and find out if the feature will be added back or not and let you know. I do appoligize for the inconvience, I will update this post as more information becomes available. 



Re: Front-facing camera mirrored problem

Ok, I thought that is what it could have been but i didn't know for sure. Thank you so much


Re: Front-facing camera mirrored problem

Check this URL  link for info on "How Do You Use the Front Cameras for the EVO"

Hope this helps



Re: Front-facing camera mirrored problem

I have this same issue there an app to fix this issue yet??

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