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Froyo - Android 2.2 - Calendar Bug

Froyo - Android 2.2 - Calendar Bug

The current update of Froyo is not allowing you to edit calendar entries properly.  An existing appointment when opened to edit will overwrite the 'Description' field with the 'Where' field.  You are now no longer able to append appointment descriptions, you CAN ONLY REPLACE THEM!  And if you are looking to change the time of the appointment or otherwise, say goodbye the 'Description' field contents!

I am using the calendar and syncing with Exchange.  My usage is heavy.  I go to a customer's home for an appointment with notes about what they want to do.  I see the work, review it.  Then I want to add notes to the appointment for later usage in the office.  This cannot be done anymore.

THIS IS AN EPIC FAILURE BY HTC/SPRINT.   This needs to be fixed immediately!  It is completely unacceptable!


As competitive as the market is right now and as much as Google would like Android to continue its rise, YOU NEED TO ADDRESS THIS IMMEDIATELY!!  Waiting months for a simple fix for this is not what I or other customers need.

In the interim...

I want a procedure to return to Eclair, Adroid 2.1.  I simply cannot do without this functionality.

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I don't know. I'm not seeing it. I don't use the calender "heavily", but I installed 2.2 today and just viewed and edited a pre-existing calender entry with no problem.

I have 2 EVO's and both are exhibiting the exact same behavior.  The 'Description' field gets overwritten with the 'Where' field during any edit.  Maybe it is only the Exchange Calendar. 

Anyone else??


I'm having the exact same issue, the calendar and editing it is one of the major functions I use for work. PLEASE FIX THIS ASAP, it's causing me alot of hassles and wasted time =(

Sprint Product Ambassador

One of the amazing things about the Android platform -- if the software doesn't work the way you want, there's always more options.

If the free bundled calendar app isn't working like you need, check the Market for alternatives.  I've found the program, 'Touchdown' to be the pinnacle of EAS implimentations with every feature and function working just how I need it.

Give it a shot . . .

And thanks for the feedback; we are looking into these reports.

Product Ambassador, long time Sprint employee

After 25 minutes with chat support, i was directed to call the tech team(1-888-211-4727). The tech team had me to a "reset" on my phone, it did not fix the issue. I waited about an hour for a call back from tech team, ended up calling them back. Reported the issue again. Hoping for a way to roll back to 2.1 or a fix for this issue, I don't want to pay $20 for "touchdown", when the calendar worked like a champ pre 2.2 .  Fingers crossed for a proper fix to this. Glad I'm not the only one, so perhaps this will get bumped up on a priority list soon.


I appreciate your 'looking into these reports'.

You make an effort to insinuate that the software doesn't work out the way I want it to.  The software is broken, plain and simple.  Recommending that I pay $20 to buy a third-party app to cover up the fact the included software and advertised features simply do not work the way they are portrayed is an example of terrible customer service.  I as a customer with 4 lines and a large bill on a two year contract, I expect way more.  You need to deliver the services that I am paying for.  It is not my fault that the software update you release broke a key feature on EVO's across the country, it is your fault.  YOU NEED TO FIX THIS! 

You are already charging every customer for 4G even when it's not available to them.  I am willing to accept this, as you need to invest in your network to support 4G, hopefully nationwide eventually.  To top it off, you had more demand for the device than you had anticipated, which means the $10/month fee per customer, or $240/contract line per customer, is making you even more money that you had anticipated it would.  But now you ask me to spend more?  You really have to be kidding.


I suspected the recommended fix would be a hard reset.  I am sorry it didn't fix it for you.  No you are not alone.  There are other forums with posts about this Froyo calendar programming error also.

I made efforts today to visit Verizon stores to find out if the Droid that has had Froyo rolled out to it has the same problems.  Unfortunately, none of the store units are updated.  So I did not have any luck in determining if the software bug originates with Google or if it was added by HTC/Sprint.  At this point, all that is evident is that it does not work.

So far the following phones have this problem...

2 EVO's with Froyo update > I own these units (Indy)

1 EVO with Froyo update > a friend in Cali

1 EVO with Froyo update > in the Sprint store (Indy)

1 EVO with Froyo update > Mawk's phone

Sprint do you seriously expect us to believe that this is not an issue.  That this somewhat random sampling of phones, isn't accurate?  In actuality it isn't all that random.  This sample represent every single EVO that I have knowledge of.  In that regard, every phone is broken. 

If it isn't a documented issue at this point, IT IS TIME TO GET IT DOCUMENTED AND GET A FIX IN THE WORKS.  For a smartphone, the calendar is a core feature.  Having it be broken renders the device worthless.


I on board with this - I run a business and I can't have the calender not editable .... its crazy.

also am i missing something or can i not edit an appt once I'm inside it.  I can't find an edit button anywhere. I can't say I was happy with 2.1 because I got my EVO the day before the 2.2 upgrade.

Please get this fixed STAT... Or credit our accounts $20 to pay for this Touchdown app.


From the day page that shows all your appointments, instead of 'clicking' the appointment, 'click and hold'.  It will bring up a pop-up and Edit is in there.

Beware, upon entering Edit, the Description field's contents are toast.  I'm guessing some that use the calendar do not use the description field, otherwise there'd be more complaints.  Or they haven't realized this bug yet.


Yeah - but i've been using a widget to view my calender.  When i click on the appt it opens it... and is uneditable unless i go open the long way...

that's stupid... you can edit w/ exchange i think... just not my gmail acct.


I have two Evo's and both of them have the same problems after 2.2 update.

The Discription field gets overwritten with the Where field when you enter edit. It is restored if you cancel the edit, but that means you can't edit and keep what you wrote before in the discription field.

Also you can no longer edit an event you are looking at.  You can only edit the event from the Agenda view or day view with a long click on the event. In 2.1 you could hit menu in the event and choose edit, now you can only add reminder, delete event, share it or go back to agenda.

For me this is a big problem because you can only put in clickable addresses or phone numbers in those two fields.

The where you can send to Google maps or Sprint Nav, and the discription you can put a phone number that you can click to call.

I hope this gets a hot fix this week as it breaks an important part of any smart phone. The ability to change an appointment.

Following is an example of this issue.  If you can make your EVO not do this, I would like to know.  I believe this is a bug within the update.


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