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Looking for help resolving my HTC EVO phantom reboot issues every time I use the GPS.  I have been to a Sprint repair store twice.  The first time they restored the phone to factory settings and said not to use Advanced Task Killer for various reasons.  The second visit came a week later after I had used the GSP on a trip from Minneapolis to Kansas City with the phone rebooting so much toward the end of the trip that I couldn't call for this Sprint repair store they recommended that I Sprint Navigation and not Google's and that I load and use Advanced Task Killer.  I was also told that if I did get a replacement phone I would receive a refurbished phone, so not wanting someone else's issues, I declined.  Following store # 2 advice,  I  used Sprints Navigation app for the return trip only to have the phone go bonkers again about 30 minutes into the trip...and then would reboot on its own even when not using the GPS. 

The reason for the first visit to the Sprint repair store was unrelated to an issue with the GPS, the phone would just reboot on its own until I removed the battery, and even then when I put the battery back it I wasn't guaranteed that the phone wouldn't reboot again.  Any suggestions on how to resolve the reboot issues aside from not using the phone for anything but making calls?re



There have been other customers posting about random power cycling issues.  To help us troubleshoot the issue, please go to this thread and respond to the questions I've posted:

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