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Gingerbread Update = Brick


Gingerbread Update = Brick

I updated to the latest and greatest Gingerbread on my EVO.


Can't place or receive calls most 90% of attempts

Lost calls 90% of the time

Text messages do not send 50% of time

Data connection lost 50% of time

And these numbers are improved after a Sprint tech hard reset my phone. Oh and by the way, I am not allowed to revert to Froyo (previous software version)

Very, very disappointed with Sprint and HTC right now. Cell phone is my ONLY way to communicate to the world outside work.


Gingerbread Update = Brick

This sounds like you need a new phone. That or the towers in your area are janky. I updated my phone to 2.3 and I'm in a sketchy reception area already (San Francisco) and I don't recall having that many failed calls, text messages or data connections with ANY phone via Sprint. You can do what most people have done already, which is root your phone. It's pretty sad that most of the ROMs made by outside developers are more reliable than the ones released by Sprint. You lose out on warranty rights but at least your phone can work fine. The Hotspot feature is another bogus fee. You have to pay Sprint an extra $30 a month to unlock a feature that already came with your phone. wonderful.

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