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Gingerbread update caused Sense problems, but solved with LauncherPro


Gingerbread update caused Sense problems, but solved with LauncherPro

The last two EVO 4G software updates were uneventful for me.  They both installed fine and I noticed very little difference after installing them.  However, I've had nothing but problems with Sense on the phone since the Gingerbread update.  Basically, every time I close a program, Sense reloads.  I get the white HTC screen, then it says Loading. Finally, after waiting too long, I get my home screen back.  It is quite annoying as it restricts the ability to use the phone in a productive manner since I can't switch between apps quickly.

After trying many things and having no success, I downloaded LaucherPro and used it instead of Sense.  I am happy to report that this fixed the problem and I actually think that my phone is much more responsive now than it has ever been.  I went into the Application settings and cleared the defaults for the Sense program.  Then I pressed the Home key for the first time after installing LauncherPro and was asked to pick Sense or LaucherPro.  I could also set a default action, which I selected LauncherPro.  These settings survive both a battery pull and a restart.  I've checked.

When using Sense under Gingerbread any time that I closed Google Navigation or Maps or Internet or Twitter or Facebook, it would cause Sense to reboot.  I played with the phone over the weekend and while on a couple holiday driving trips.  I was able to run Google Navigation, Google MyTracks in the background as a trip computer, check my email and review Twitter posts.  Never, did that cause LauncherPro to reboot.

LauncherPro has really changed my outlook on my next phone choice when my rebate is available in October.  Before, I'd never consider a phone without Sense.  Now, I can see that there are very good alternatives and that I will pick my next phone based more on the hardware that I want than on the Sense experience.

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