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Gingerbread update - ooVoo video chat program crashes


Gingerbread update - ooVoo video chat program crashes

This may be an application specific bug but it has similar behavior like the NetFlix problem. So it might be a problem related to Gingerbread. When you start a ooVoo video chat session, the application crashes after a couple of seconds. You have to reboot the phone to recover from it. It used to work fine with Froyo.

Please add a comment if you notice the same issue.


Gingerbread update - ooVoo video chat program crashes

I just downloaded it and installed it on my Evo and my friends Epic and it crashes on my Evo after 2 or 3 seconds.  I started with a fresh hard reset and Gingerbread update too.  Right after the actual video starts to show it crashes and exits the program. I would have to say it must be something to do with Gingerbread & ooVoo compatibility.  I'm sure the developer will correct the issue in an update.  You should not realy do any major troubleshooting since it can be replicated on other Evos. 

I did research the developer's help page and troubleshooter but couldn't really find any information on the problem.  In the market, the developer does say that the last update was for "bug fixes" so it looks like they do fix issues with the app. 

I hope that helps. 

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