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Gmail won't open and force closes


Gmail won't open and force closes

Hey everyone,

Since yesterday afternoon/evening my gmail has not been working.  I try and open it and it closes immediately and says that it has an error and needed to force close. 

I tried downloading the gmail app from the marketplace which fixed it for a second until it rebooted the whole phone.  Then it didn't work again.  Anyone else having the same problem with gmail and know of a fix?  I need gmail for work!


Gmail won't open and force closes


     I'm sorry you're experiencing issues with the Gmail application, have you tried clearing the cache/data from the application itself? If you haven't, try going from the main screen to menu > settings > applications > manage applications > select tab at top usually that displays or sorts all applications then scroll down to find the Gmail application and once you click on that there should be a selection for delete or clear cache or data. Let me know if you still experience it after you've tried that please.

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