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HDMI issues with any external HDMI capable TVs


HDMI issues with any external HDMI capable TVs

EVO 3D stolen and replaced with a refurbed EVO 4G with a fancy little HDMI output port. Purchased a nice high quality cable to connect it to my TV and see things in big screen.... WOOT!    NOT!!!!  As soon as the cable is plugged in to the phone port, the screen no longer responds to any inputs. Then it goes black after a touch and although the green light flashes at the top, the ONLY way to get this thing to work is to remove the battery for a few moments and then plug it back in and restart. The cable works on another device fine so ruled it out. The TVs (a Sony, a Vizio & a LG) were turned off when the cable was inserted as per the instructions in the users guide. The phone settings are turned to "Automatic" for the resolution. Can't find any other information on the operation of the port or discussions about it unless I'm search challenged today. Any ideas before this thing becomes a Frisbee????

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