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HDMI output on EVO 4G


HDMI output on EVO 4G

I loaded the Skyfire Browser on my EVO 4G.  That browser pipes video over the HDMI port so I can display it on my TV.  It does NOT display any web pages - only the video.  While browsing, the TV says "no input".  When I click on a video link on my phone, a small window comes up on th phone that is then clicked to display the video using Skyfire.  The buffering starts and as soon as the video starts, the phone screen goes black and the video appears on my TV (with good sound).  This has worked for TV shows at and a few other video sites.  Has anybody else found other ways to use the HDMI port to display general video files from the web?

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Re: HDMI output on EVO 4G

This is a bit of a manual process.  But I use firefox on my PC and plugins that will save video streams from youtube and other sites directly to my hard drive.  I then (later) convert them to a format for my phone and copy them over.

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