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HTC 4G Evo Reboot Issue -> Phone Exchange Purgatory


HTC 4G Evo Reboot Issue -> Phone Exchange Purgatory

Since December, my launch day EVO has been suffering from the reboot issue documented here.

I called customer service on Thursday, Jan 20 to request an in-store exchange.  I was given an e-ticket number and instructed to take the phone to the nearest repair facility for an exchange.

Although I am a Sprint "Premier" customer, whatever that means, a two visits to the repair facility on Thursday, January 20 were required before the Sprint tech pronounced my phone "without a problem".  One visit to leave the phone, one to pick it up as the "diagnostics" would take 45 minutes.  When picking up the device I discussed the diagnostic process with the Jackson, MS repair tech. I discovered his diagnosis was based upon the technician resetting my phone (removing all of my apps and settings) THEN executing a diagnosis program.  I again requested an exchange, but was told the repair facility could not exchange the phone in spite of my "e-ticket".  Minutes after leaving the facility, my phone (now without any of my apps and data) began the death spiral of reboot, reboot, etc.  Two visits to the repair facility left me in the exact position before the visit, without a working phone.

I called customer service, for the third time that day to request an exchange.  I was told during that call a phone would be "advance exchanged" and I would receive an EVO, via mail in about 3-5 business days.  I am Irritated that in spite of the factory warranty AND the "equipment protection" package I would be without a working phone for over a week.  Furthermore, if I wanted to "BUY" a new EVO, phones are available in every Sprint store in my area.  However, it would appear servicing existing contracts take a back seat to signing up new suckers into the Sprint network.

The best part of the whole Sprint debacle on Thursday was my business partner.  He was looking to change from T-Mobile and was considering Sprint and the EVO.  After all, he had seen me using my EVO for close to six months, and had not been with me during my December bout with the REBOOT of Death issue.  Needless to say, after witnessing my issues with the EVO and Sprint, he is now an iPhone customer.

When I thought the situation could not get any worse, Sprint continues to amaze at the lack of due care they have for their existing customers.  I was called, during business hours, on January 24 at approximately 1pm by a member of what I recall as the "Sprint Premier Care" team.  The Sprint representative was calling to inform me that an in-store exchange had been approved.  She needed only to know my physical location to find a nearby Sprint store so she could call ahead and verify they had the inventory for the exchange.  My spirits soared as I gave her my office address and zipcode as my office building is across a street from a Sprint repair facility / store.

Unfortunately moments later, the Sprint I now know and do not trust resurfaced.  The same "Sprint Premier Care" team member called me back to let me know a mail exchange would be done instead.  I requested the amount of my early contract termination penalty ($160 that I am glad to pay).  She (Sprint Premier Care) then invited me to speak with a supervisor.  I accepted and after ten additional minutes on hold, the orignal rep returned to the line to let me know the supervisor was "assisting another customer".  I can only imagine, as there were a lot of EVO's sold on launch day.  She offered to have the supervisor call me back and I accepted.

After waiting close to two hours for the supervisor callback, I called the Sprint customer service line to inquire as to the status.  Would I be getting a phone via mail or in-store exchange?  Again, not satisfied with merely the worst customer service ever, I was informed by my latest rep that NEITHER would occur.  Evidently the order from Thursday, January 20 was NEVER completed.  Instead of two-days into the 3-5 day wait, I was going back to the end of the line.  Again, I was unsuccessful in both my request for an in-store exchange AND expedited mail exchange.

Oh, the supervisor callback finally occurred FOUR HOURS after my invitation by the "Premier Care" rep to speak to one.  Again, requests for an in-store exchange and expedition of my mail exchange were futile.

Some time in the next week, I expect to see my new / refurb phone.  That's not true, I actually expect Sprint to drop the ball yet again.  To think otherwise would be as naive as Charlie Brown believing Lucy will let him kick the football and not yank it away at the last second, sending Charlie into a tumble.

By the way Dan Hesse, you may want to be aware of the fact that none of my phone calls to Sprint in December (two instances) resulted in the customer service surveys that I had received after buying the phone and upgrading my plan.

Your move Sprint.

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