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HTC Calendar Widget Update Issue


HTC Calendar Widget Update Issue

I have the HTC Calendar Widget on my homepage (the small one with just the date and the next event). The events update the way they should, but the date doesn't update. How do I fix this? Is it an issue with the widget or is there a setting I need to fix?

I have my calendar sync to run in the background at all times.




Re: HTC Calendar Widget Update Issue

Hey there Shari,

I too have the same widget on my home screen (the small calendar widget that shows current date on the left and next scheduled appt on the right).  I noticed the same thing as you that the day is not updating but the appts are. When tapping the widget it opens the calendar as it should and the correct current date is highlighted.  I could swear that the widget worked correctly for the first several days of owning the phone but now, as you also stated the date is not updating.  I have found the only way to correct it is to restart the phone.  I very seldom completely shutdown my phone but have found that if I want to display the correct current date I need restart my phone every morning.

Hopefully HTC is aware of this (as it is a HTC widget) and has a fix coming.  I have read elsewhere that it only seems to affect the small widget, the large one is unaffected.

Not a real solution I know.  Some others have suggested Smooth Calendar from the market (free). I personally have not tried it yet but it does look very much like the HTC widget that isn't working correctly.



Re: HTC Calendar Widget Update Issue

My wife's phone also has the same issue.  I also notice that the calendar entry next to the date is an entry from the next day.  This might just be a settings issue I need to work through, but found that odd that it did not show today's calendar entries.


Re: HTC Calendar Widget Update Issue

Ditto.  It's accurate the day it's placed on the desktop but after a day or so it stops updating.  Very confusing.  Please fix.


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