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HTC EVO 4G Camera Phone with black screen


HTC EVO 4G Camera Phone with black screen

Ok, I've tried gently pressing the front facing and rear facing lenses, rebooted and also removed and replaced the battery/SD card.  Any other advice?  When I press the camera icon, I get the white camera symbol and then the screen goes black.  I'm able to press the "Home
button and get back to the Home screen just fine.

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HTC EVO 4G Camera Phone with black screen

This sounds like a software issue - three choices would be Hard Reset, go to repair store and have them reflash the software, or go to repair center and have them test/replace the device.

If the hard reset doesn't resolve the issue it could mean the software on the device has a flaw - that is when a reflash replaces the software with correct copy over the wire.
Sorry to hear about this problem and let us know what does work.



HTC EVO 4G Camera Phone with black screen

settings-applications-all applications. chose the camera app and clear the data on it (and the cache if it allows you). this will not delete any of your pics since theyre stored on your sd card anyways.

hope this helps you.

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Re: HTC EVO 4G Camera Phone with black screen

Had the same problem.  I found that the camera housing had slightly come unplugged from the board.  I opened up the back thinking it might be a bad camera, but when I got the cover off the housing for the camera was not seated properly.  I pushed it back down and the camera has been working without a problem for days now.

Might give that a try.

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