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HTC EVO 4G Frustruations (Pick One....doesn't matter)


HTC EVO 4G Frustruations (Pick One....doesn't matter)

Really this is an informal complaint. I've been with sprint about 10 years (maybe a little more) but here's what I know, I'm tired of the lack of service that Sprint is giving. I'm tired of defending a company that does not go out of its way to loyal paying subscribers who have NEVER been late, brought in NEW business and NEW customers. I've allowed the blame to be onto myself to keep letting representative after representative do and say the same thing to me when it pertains to an issue with this phone, to only end up providing me with another refurbished (broken in its own right) phone of the same type, that breaks in months from less than normal wear and tear usage. I'm tired of the need to soft and hard reset my device to the point that customizations is worthless. More importantly i'm tired of already paying for a service that is not stable (from dropping calls, to network busy service errors) so forth and so on. I'm glad i'm truly not in an emergency and needing to use my phone to make a call when i'm out socially, because the network busy error message (even after restarting the phone) prevents that call from taking place. I do not and should not have to constantly be sold to upgrade my phone and spend more money on something i've already paid for that is not working to begin with.

I'm genuinely considering to prolong my business relationship with Sprint as I'm not getting any resolution or assistance. From an PRL update that factory reset my phone and erased all my contacts in 2009, and not being informed that my online back up service that sprint offered at the time (and i paid for) was no longer being used, to now being sold for something i should not be obligated to pursue to have a working device, i'm overly fed up with Sprint's service and taking advantage of my customer loyalty and responsibility. As an educated consumer, again I'm aware of the self-inflicted pain to continuously endure excessive attempts to price gauge with trade in values of $36 to eliminate it with a $36 activation fee, but being told to get a replacement battery at a price of $49. <--(3 of them have died out on me within an hour of use fully charged.) But to that point another customer I had brought to your company needed a battery that happened to not be under warranty and was granted one without being sold or told to purchase.

So what would I want....the ability to: Have a reliable and consistently working network: Have a FULLY FUNCTIONING phone with what i've already paid for or an honest accountability to provide a NON-REFURBISHED device of similar or fairly upgraded nature. The ability to delete my text message thread...but have the ability to even pull up and RECEIVE text messages (which i can not do right now.) Not have consistently dropped calls (averaging 4-5 per week.)

Thank you for your time,

A fed up customer.


Re: HTC EVO 4G Frustruations (Pick One....doesn't matter)

1-whcih EVO exaclty? there are 6 different models

2-post your zip and cross streets..the battery life drop could be due to your phone constantly trying to pull a signal that is either bad or not there..the techs cant look into this without this physical address though.

I like many others come onto this site for assistance and to help others. Marking a reply as helpful or correct helps others with like issues when they try to search the site for assistance. I do not work for Sprint and my suggestions and or opinions are my own. *************************************************************************************************************
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