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HTC EVO 4G Randomly Shutting Down


HTC EVO 4G Randomly Shutting Down

ok i have the htc evo and ive babied the phone. i have an otterbox case for it and its never gotten wet. i rarely drop it either. but lately my phone has been shutting off by itself while it has plenty of battery left and will reboot itself. it will shut off and turn back on about 6 times in a row then will work for about an hour then start doing it again. Will sprint replace my phone for free for something like this becuase this is there fault not mine and they need to fix it? what should i do?

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Re: HTC EVO 4G Randomly Shutting Down

There have been other  customers posting about random power cycling issues.  To help us  troubleshoot the issue, please go to this thread and respond to the  questions I've posted:

In addition, I'd recommend taking it into a Sprint Service & Repair Center to have it looked at.

I'm going to lock this thread.  Please use the thread I posted above for further correspondence on this issue.  Thanks!

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