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HTC EVO Hotspot


HTC EVO Hotspot

We are having reception problems with our HTC Evos phones (3G & 4G), and were wondering if the Sprint Hotspot (Wi-Fi) would get us a better connection for our laptops.

We live on the bottom floor (of three) in an apartment complex and understand through previous postings that reception is usually not good in the situation we live in. We were wondering if Wi-Fi (Sprint Hotspot) would be better, or does it still depend on 3G/4G reception?

We've already called Sprint several times to no avail.

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HTC EVO Hotspot

The Mobile Hotspot capability just takes the data signal the phone receives from the network and then rebroadcasts that on WiFi instead for a laptop to connect to. If the phone has little to no reception the Hotspot will be the same because it isusing the network connection to access the Internet.

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HTC EVO Hotspot

The product you may be looking for is called the Sprint Airave -- that is a 'femtocell' -- it's an itty bitty cell phone tower that uses your existing high speed internet connection (DSL, Cable, etc) to provide cellular service to your Sprint phones.  With the Airave, you'll get 4-5 bars of cell signal in your apartment.

Does that sound like what you're trying to do?

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HTC EVO Hotspot

Much thanks for the feedback, but being retired, we don't have any other outside connection with the outside world, other than our cell phones (telephone, email, internet), we can't afford any additional payments. It's unfortunate that we live on the ground floor apartment (great for older people though), and I guess it's not the best for reception.

The Airwave unit won't work as we do not have DSL service, or a modem. Until such time that Sprint comes up with a fix, we'll have to get by on what we have. Perhaps someone knows of some type of antenna device that might help. But, if costs are prohibitive, we'll have to find another way to get better reception; short of moving. Too old to do that!

Thanks to everyone (@wengla02 & @halcyoncmdr134) for the help &/or suggestions.

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