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HTC EVO Wallpaper


HTC EVO Wallpaper

I had a really cool wallpaper that was sand with a pair of sunglasses on it.  I had to take my phone in to get it replaced and now I can't find the wallpaper on the new phone and can't remember if I downloaded it.  Has anyone seen this wallpaper/background?


Re: HTC EVO Wallpaper

Must been a used phone because I've never seen it on my Evo 4g


HTC EVO Wallpaper

I must have downloaded it - now just need to remember which app...

Sprint Employee

HTC EVO Wallpaper

Hello KAMRONMILLER75, it may have been included under a previous version of software. If you feel that it was from an ap then login at to review your app history ( if nothing else try google images, you may find something that you like more).

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