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HTC EVO With Android 2.2 Feature: Amazon Video On Demand


HTC EVO With Android 2.2 Feature: Amazon Video On Demand

So I'm hoping everyone got the Android 2.2 update for their EVO.  If you have not, go get it now.. you are missing some great features...

One of the great features that this update provided is the ability to play Flash on any website, even websites that have use DRM with their Flash content.

The main website this enables is Amazon Video on Demand content!

Because this amazon site is not optimized for mobile viewing, you will want to do some planning ahead, especially if you have some season passes already, but thats not to say you couldn't poke around the VOD site without the planning, this way will just make it easier!

Things you will need:

1.  Google Chrome Browser, or Firefox browser

2.  Google Chrome to phone Chrome Browser extention  Firefox addon

3.  Chrome to phone Android App

4.  Set Mobile browser to view sites in non-mobile view

Once you have completed these steps you can continue on.

For my example I will be showing you how to watch "Psych"(season 5) on your phone, but the steps can be used for anything.

1.  Goto "Psych"(Season 5)

2. A. In Firefox:  Right click on any non-Flash part of the page and choose "Send this page to android"

   B.  In Google Chrome:  Click the "Google Chrome to Phone" logo that is in your toolbar

3.  On your phone your browser should now be on the page with the latest episode of Psych.

4.  Once the page loads and you see the "Watch Now" button make sure the phone is still in portrait mode, and zoom in.  Position the box with the "Watch Now" button so that it takes up half the screen, and is at the top of the page, but with a little white on the right had side.  Tap the "Watch Now" button, but don't mess with the page.

5.  After tapping "Watch Now" it should go away, when it does tapping once in the black area should reveal a "Full Screen" option, tap it!  This will make the video go into full screen landscape.

6.  Enjoy your content!

Once you get the hang of the steps watching things will get much easier!

If you have any questions just post them as a reply, and i'll try to answer them!


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Re: HTC EVO With Android 2.2 Feature: Amazon Video On Demand

Outstanding information!  Very cool!

Thanks for the detailed writeup!


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